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SQL Server 2012 Standard


  • License Type: Online key (activate by internet)
  • License Duration: Lifetime
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SQL Server 2012 Server available at Digital Software  Market will allow you to create the most complex databases and process all of your data needs. Microsoft’s industry leading software will allow your business to handle the most important data with ease, and also will allow you import and structure data from the various platforms of database templates. The most affordable way to get sql, this option is great for small (1 – 30) users or devices.

Be able to import data from Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel in either formats of CSV or standard XLSX, and restructure that data to your preference of database requirements. As the leader in structural data integrity, Microsoft provides the most comprehensive of data tools within the suite of SQL Server 2012 Standard.

With its comprehensive set of data tools within the suite of SQL Server 2012 Standard, Microsoft gives you flexibility and power. You can import data from Microsoft Access or Microsoft Excel in CSV or standard XLSX formats and restructure the data the way you want for your database.

New SQL Server 2012 Capabilities

Windows Server Core Support

Reduce OS patching by as much as 50-60%? with new support for Windows Server Core.

User-Defined Server Roles

Easily manage permissions around data access to support separation of duties and enable compliance around strict data access policies.

Distributed Replay

Simplify application testing and help minimize errors with production-like application testing and configuration changes, and upgrades.

SQL Server Data Tools

Take database development to the next level with SQL Server Data Tools an integrated development experience for database and BI.

Things You Can Do

Run Non-Critical Applications

Greater Uptime and Recovery

Reduce OS patching by as much as 50-60%? with new support for Windows Server Core. Meanwhile, Database Recovery Advisor introduces significant user experience enhancements to the ways DBAs can restore databases using SQL Server Management Studio. Within Management Studio, customers can now move a logical copy of their SQL Server databases directly to Windows Azure SQL Database for more cost-effective and fully redundant data protection options.? ?The percentage reduction in patching varies and can be less based on the server roles that are enabled and the type of patches that are applied.

Support for Better Compliance

More easily manage permissions around data access with User-Defined Server Roles to support separation of duties. Help increase manageability and decrease complexity of database schema through new Default Schema for Groups that allows a default database schema for Windows group user accounts. Better control database access to deployed applications while improving manageability through Contained Database Authentication that uses self-contained access information without the need for server logins.

Improved Manageability

Simplify application testing and minimize errors on a single database with application changes, configuration changes, and upgrades using new Distributed Replay. Added support for Windows PowerShell 2.0 automates management tasks across the Microsoft platform and enhancements to Sys Prep help IT more efficiently create VMs for private cloud solutions. Meanwhile, updated management packs for System Center Operations Manager help IT centrally manage their infrastructure.

Integrate Data and Enable Basic BI

More Easily Integrate Data

More easily integrate data from multiple disparate sources with enhancements to Integration Services which include rich DBA and IT Implementer support for the deployment.


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