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Adam Khoo Scripts

Adam Khoo Scripts

Where can I download the TOS Scripts?

All course notes and investing tools are available for download within the Adam Khoo Course files.

So each of the course has its own unique Adam Khoo Scripts

The Adam Khoo courses available at Techlover Enterprises are:

Forex Trading Course, Level 1 & 2

Course Curriculum

Beginner Course

lesson 1: introduction to forex trading

lesson 2: the secret to consistent trading profits

lesson 3: mastering technical analysis

lesson 4: position sizing

lesson 5: fx impulse pullback strategy

lesson 6: psychology of winning traders

lesson 7: fx bull flag surf strategy

lesson 7: fx impulse pinbar

lesson 8: developing a trading plan

Advanced Course

lesson 1: Introduction to Advanced Forex Trading

lesson 2: The EMA Bounce

lesson 3: News Scalping Strategy

lesson 4: Trading The Range

lesson 5: Trend Continuation Entry (CTE) strategy

Stock Trading Course, Level 1 & 2

Course Curriculum

Stock Trading Course – PROFIT SNAPPER

Lesson 1: Introduction to Stock Trading
  • • What Makes Trading the Perfect Business
    • What makes a Trader Successful?
  • • Trading Systems and Approaches
Lesson 2: The Secrets to Consistent Trading Profits
  • • The Statistics of Consistent Profits from Random Outcomes
  • • Trading like a Casino
  • • Developing a Trading System with Positive Expectancy
Lesson 3: Mastering Technical Analysis
  • • Tenants of Dow Theory and Principles of Technical Analysis
  • • Identifying Trends
  • • Utilising Support & Resistance as Supply and Demand Zones
  • • Mastering Moving Averages
Lesson 4: Mastering Technical Analysis II
  • • Mastering Indicators: Trend Following and Oscillators
  • • Using Powerful Candlestick Patterns & Price Action Trading
  • • Anticipating Trend Changes with Divergence
  • • Market and Sector Analysis
Lesson 5: Position Sizing
  • • Position Sizing and Money Management for Pros
  • • Automate Your Trading Business with Order Management
  • • Using Leverage with Contract For Differences (CFDs)
Lesson 6: Stock Swing Trading System 1: Bounce System
  • •  2 candle and Single Candle Reversal Patterns
  • •  Entry and Exit Rules for Bounce Strategy Long and Short Setups
  • •  Uptrend and Downtrend Wave Patterns and Low Risk Filters
  • •  Trade Management
  • •  How to Screen for Bounce trade setups
  • •  Identifying High Momentum Stocks
Lesson 7: Psychology of Winning Traders
  • •  How Winning Traders Think
  • •  Managing and Overcoming Negative Emotions
  • •  How to Manage Temporary Drawdowns
  • •  Programming Your Mind to become a Winning Trader
Lesson 8: Developing a Trading Plan
  • •  Develop a Winning Trading Plan.
  • •  Learn a Daily Routine that takes just 1-2 hours a day
  • •  Keeping a Trading Journal
  • •  Choosing a Stock Broker
Lesson 9: Charting & Brokerage Platform
  • •  Stock Charting Tutorial
  • •  Stock Screening Tutorial
  • •  Placing Orders On Brokerage Platform
(BONUS) Lesson 10: Trade the Range Strategy

Stock Trading Course – MARKET SNAPPER

Lesson 1: Trend Retracement

• High probability entry criteria for trend retracement trade setups
• Entry and Exit Rules for trend retracement long and short setups
•  Filtering for high quality setups
• Screening for trend retracement trades
• Trade management and Exit strategies

Lesson 2: Breakout System

• Swing Trading Strategy That Focuses On Stocks That Have Broken Out From A Consolidation

Lesson 3: Momentum Stock Selection

• Selecting the best momentum stocks for high probability trading
• Step-by-step selection criteria for taking the best trades only

Lesson 4: Trading with Fibonacci Levels

• Understand Fibonacci and the golden ratio
• High probability trading using fibonacci and projection levels

Lesson 5: Bollinger Mean Reversion (BMR)

•  Counter Trend System that buys at the bottom of downtrends and sells at the top of uptrends.
•  The Power of Price Action. Bollinger bands and Divergence Confluence
•  Entry, Exit and Position Sizing rules for BMR long and short setups
•  Screening for BMR trades
•  Trade Management and Exit Strategies

Lesson 6: Capitulation

• Counter Trend strategy that buys right at the bottom of a downtrend
• Proven high positive profit expectancy system
• Specific Entry, Exit and Position Sizing Rules for Capitulation
• Automated Screeners to generate signals daily within minutes

Lesson 7: The Power of Confluence

• Identifying the point of confluence and understand its effects of trading
• Applying the idea of confluence in Trend continuation and counter trend trading

Lesson 8: Gap Up News Scalp (GUNS)

•  A Powerful Scalping Technique that generate profits within 3-5 minutes of market open
•  Setting up charts for Intra-Day Trading
•  Building a daily watch list for high momentum stocks in play

Lesson 9: Momentum Value Rotation Swing System

• Identify the best performing stocks relative to the S&P Index using relative strength
•  Screening setup for finding the best MVR stocks.
•  Building a watch list for MVR to trade in rotation daily.

Options Trading Course, Level 1 & 2

Course Curriculum

Level One – Options Ironshell

Lesson 1: Basics of Options Trading

  • • The Power of Options in Trading and Investing
  • • Call and Put Options
  • • Option Pricing: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value
  • • The Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho
  • • Option Contracts for Stocks, Futures and Currencies
  • • How to Profit under Any Market Condition

Lesson 2: Setting Up Charts and Trading Tools

  • • Setting Up Your Charting Platform
  • • Creating a Watchlist
  • • Reading and Analysing an Option Chain
  • • Analysing Risk Versus Reward
  • • Using Probability Analysis
  • • How to Place and Modify Orders

Lesson 3: Understanding Long Calls and Puts

  • • Steps to Execute Long Calls when Very Bullish
  • • Steps to Execute Long Puts when Very Bearish

Lesson 4: Generating Extra Income with Covered Calls

  • • Generating Extra Income from Your Stock Portfolio
  • • Covered Call Strategy: Long Stock + Write Calls
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules
  • • Case Studies

Lesson 5: Hedging a Portfolio with Protective Puts

  • • Buy Insurance to Protect Your Stock Portfolio in a Bear Market
  • • Steps to Calculating the Perfect Hedge with Deltas
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules
  • • Case Studies

Lesson 6: Owning Stocks at a Huge Discount with Cash Secured Puts

  • • Strategy: Selling Cash Secured Puts
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules
  • • Case Studies

Lesson 7: Bullish Strategy:Bull Call Spread

  • • Profiting from Bullish Stocks with Limited Risk and a Fixed Target Price
  • • Lower Risk Compared to Buying a Straight Call: Cheaper with Lower Theta / Vega Risk
  • • The Best Time to Execute this Strategy
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Lesson 8: Bearish Strategy: Bear Put Spread

  • • Profiting from Bearish Stocks with Limited Risk and a Fixed Target Price
  • • Lower Risk Compared to Buying a Straight Call: Cheaper with Lower Theta / Vega Risk
  • • The Best Time to Execute this Strategy
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

(Bonus) Lesson 9: Basics of Technical Analysis

  • • Tenants of Dow Theory and Principles of Technical Analysis
  • • Identifying Trends
  • • Utilising Support & Resistance as Supply & Demand Zones
  • • Mastering Moving Averages
  • • Mastering Indicators: Trend Following & Oscillators
  • • Using Powerful Candlestick Patterns and Price Action Trading

(Bonus) Lesson 10: Setup your trading station

Level Two – Options Ironstriker

Lesson 1: Introduction

•   Review of Options Concepts
•   Advantages of Being a Net Options Seller: High Win Rates
•   Statistics of Consistent Options Trading Profits

Lesson 2: Credit Spreads

•   Master the High Probability Strategy of Selling Options & Collecting Premiums
•   Sell Insurance with 85-90% Winning Probability
•   How to Sell Call Credit Spreads and Put Credit Spreads
•   Profitable Entry & Exit Execution Rules and Case Studies

Lesson 3: Iron Condor

•   The Ideal Strategy to Generate Income in a Sideways Market
•   Profit with 85-90% Winning Probability with Limited Risk
•   The Optimal Time to Construct an Iron Condor
•   How to Repair Trades and Turn a Losing Trade to a Winning One

Lesson 4: Earnings Probability Spread

•   Generate Quick Profits in 2-3 Days When Stocks Gap Up During Earnings Reports
•   Identify Stocks that Have a High Probability of Beating Earnings
•   Construct an Options Spread to Generate Up to 1:10 Risk-Reward Ratio

Lesson 5: Long Diagonal Spread

•   Generate Regular Income with Limited Capital and Risk
•   Optimal Way to Construct Covered Call Strategy on High Priced Stocks
•   Buy Deep ITM Call and Sell Monthly OTM Calls to Collect Monthly Income

Lesson 6: Long Calendar Spread

•   Buy a Long-Term Call (LEAP) & Sell a Short-Term Call at the Same Strike Price
•   The Ideal Strategy When You Are Bullish on a Stock in the Long-Term
•   Reduce Cost of Owning Long-Term Options while Benefiting from Volatility Increase
•   The Best Time to Enter a Long Calendar Spread

Lesson 7: Synthetic Long and Short Stocks

•   Taking a Long or Short Position on Stocks Using a Fraction of Capital
•   Defining Your Own Profit Range or Stock Price Level
•   Magnifying Your Returns on Investment
•   How to Construct the Trade with No Cost

Lesson 8: Protective Bullish Synthetic  (Bull Bang™)

•   How to Construct a Cheap Bullish Trade While Getting Protection
•   Synthetic Long + Protective Put = Bull Bang
•   The Ideal Strategy for “Bottom-Fishing” Stocks

Lesson 9: Psychology & Risk Management

•   Psychological Rules of Winning Traders
•   Understanding and Planning the Risk Profile of Each Trade
•   How to Repair Losing Trades and Minimize Losses
•   Costly Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Lesson 10: Build a Profitable Options Trading Business

•   Manage a Low Risk, High Return Options Portfolio
•   Setting Up Your Trading Desk
•   Developing a Trading Plan
•   Keeping Records Using Your Trading Journal
•   A Winning Trading Routine

Lesson 11: Summary  When to Use Each Strategy

•   Recap Strategies Learnt in Ironshell and Ironstriker
•   Know Exactly When to Use Which Strategy
•   Rules on Strategy Selection
•   Tips: Preferred Strategies & Securities

Stock Investing Course (Value Momentum Investing)

Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1:Stock Market Basics: Getting Started
    • How the Stock Market Works: What Drives Stock Prices?
    • How and When to Buy and/or Sell Stocks
    • Value Momentum Investing™: Valuation + Trend = Maximum Profits
  • Lesson 2: Investing in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
    • Why Index ETFs are the safest investments
    • Why the Stock Market Always Goes Up and How to Capture Huge Gains
    • Different ETFs and Their Performance
    • How to Invest in ETFs that Track Market, Sector and Industry Indices
    • Entry and Exit Strategies for ETF Investing
  • Lesson 3: The Key Steps to Profitable Investing
    • How to Identify the Best Companies in the Market
    • How to Buy Stocks at Discounted Prices
    • How to Find the Optimal Entry/Exit Point for Maximum Gains
  • Lesson 4: Fundamental Analysis: Identifying Great Businesses
    • Key Numbers that Identify a Great Business
    • How to Read Financial Statements
    • Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows
    • How to Identify Growth Potential and Danger Signs
    • How to Screen for the Best Stocks in the Market
  • Lesson 5: Stock Valuation – Expensive or Cheap?
    • 4 Different Ways to Value a Stock
    • Finding the True Intrinsic Value of a Stock
    • PEG Ratio, Discounted Cash Flow Method
    • Discounted Earnings Method and Price-to-Book Ratio
  • Lesson 6: Technical Analysis – Timing Your Buy Entries
    • Principles of Technical Analysis
    • How to Maximise the Returns by Timing Your Entry and Exits
    • How to Identify Market Trends and Cycles
    • The Power of Support and Resistance Levels
    • How to Use Moving Averages to Read Trend Changes
  • Lesson 7: The 7 Step Value Momentum Investing (VMI) formula
    • The 7-Step Easy-to-Follow Formula for Value Momentum Investing™
    • A Detailed Method to Find the Best Investments at the Best Time
    • Case Studies: Alphabet and Tencent Holdings
  • Lesson 8: Building a Winning Portfolio
    • How to Diversify Your Portfolio to Minimise Risk
    • Low Risk, High Return Portfolio with Optimal Portfolio Allocation
    • Defensive Versus Cyclical Stocks
    • 7 Stock Investment Categories: Which Is the Best for You?
  • Lesson 9: Finding Investment Opportunities and Exit Rules
    • Best Investment Opportunities and How You Can Find Them
    • Stock Screeners to Find the Best Stocks
    • Manage Your Portfolio Like a Professional
    • When to Exit an Investment
  • Lesson 10: The Psychology of Successful Investors
    • Psychology Versus Strategy
    • Model the Psychology of Top Investors to Achieve Consistent Profits
  • Lesson 11: Choosing the Right Stock Broker
    • Choosing the Right Stock Broker for You
    • 7 Keys to Selecting a Good Stock Broker
    • How to Place Orders and Manage Your Investments
  • Lesson 12: Turbocharge your Portfolio
    • Using leverage the right way to potentially boost your profits
    • Earn extra income yearly using covered calls
    • Protecting your portfolio using Puts

CrptoTrading Course

Course Curriculum

Lesson 0: Evolution of the Internet
  • Block Chain Technology and Bitcoin
Lesson 1: Cryptocurrency Classifications
  • Cryptocurrency Types and Examples
Lesson 2: Create & Funding your Wallet
  • Creating Crypto Accounts
  • Setting up Intermediary Exchange
  • How to send to and receive coins from Cryptocurrency Exchange?
Lesson 3: Secure & Minimise Risk from Hackers
  • Creating 3 keys to secure your cryptocurrency wallet
Lesson 4: Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Navigating Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Understanding Satoshi and USDT performance measure
Lesson 5: Charting Guide for Cryptocurrency
  • Chart analysis using Trading View
Lesson 6: Profiting from Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO)
  • Learn how to invest in token sales
Lesson 7: Passive Income Strategy for Cryptocurrency
  • Earning passive income without mining
Lesson 8: Cashing out your Cryptocurrencies
  • Cashing out your cryptocurrencies profits in the most cost efficient way
Lesson 9: The Multi-Bagger Potential of Alternative Coins
  • Fundamental analysis for high potential alternate coins
Lesson 10: Secrets to Post ICO Swing Strategy
  • Positioning for second price pump in hype up ICO
Lesson 11: Economics of Mining
  • Understanding mining packages and the math behind it
Lesson 12: Trade Management
  • Trade management – Order Types
  • Learn how to short cryptocurrencies
Lesson 13: Risk Management Tactics for Cryptocurrency
  • Manage risk Using Crypto Current spreadsheet
  • Monitoring your cryptocurrency performance using Crypto Current Portfolio spreadsheet
Lesson 14: Diversified Portfolio Management for Cryptocurrency
  • Expectancy and Portfolio management

Adam Khoo Scripts

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